Female Wellness Mugwort Bath Soak
Female Wellness Mugwort Bath Soak
Female Wellness Mugwort Bath Soak

Female Wellness Mugwort Bath Soak

Korean natural herbal bath
for relaxing, renewing and detoxing

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100% natural mugwort herbal bath soak to relax, renew and restore the body.

  • Mugwort (Yak-Ssuk, in Korean) has been associated with women’s health in Korea. For this reason, you often find mugwort-infused baths in Korean women's public bathhouses.

  • Relaxes sore muscles and tension throughout the body and warms the body for a healthy blood flow.

  • Mugwort has a rich aromatic scent and this will create a aromatherapeutic bath to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

  • For all skin types, Cruelty-Free and Vegan, TSA-Friendly, Free of alcohol/paraben, artificial coloring and synthetic fragrances.

    Made with 100% natural Dried Mugwort Herbs.

    • Mugwort is rich in vitamin A, which builds resistance against externals, so taking a bath with mugwort infused water is effective in removing toxins from the body.

    Dried mugwort herbs in a powder form sealed in an individual pouch. (5 individual soaks per pack) 

    • Hygienically packed to prevent bugs or externals from entering. 
    • Each pouch can be used multiple times depending on the purpose. 
    • After the last use, you may upcycle the web mugwort powder by cutting the pouch and using it as a natural fertilizer to nourish your plant.

    Key Features

    Relaxes the body

    Soaking your body in the mugwort-infused bath water is more helpful for relaxation and blood circulation than a normal bath.

    Reduces tension

    Reduces tension in the muscles and joints that calms the nervous systems to relieve stress in the body and mind

    Eases discomfort

    Bath is a heat therapy which relaxes the muscles of lower abdomen to help ease menstrual discomfort.

    Nourishes the skin

    Mugwort contains cineol which helps keep the body warm even after the bath.

    How To Use


    Brew the Mugwort Bath Soak in a pot for 5 minutes and pour the infused water directly into a warm bath. You may otherwise drop the dry pouch directly into a hot tub. Let it completely soak in the tub and squeeze the pouch to release more goodness. Ideal if the water turns into deep amber. Bathe for up to 20 minutes.

    Recycle tip:

    You may use the pouch up to 2 times. Hang the used pouch in the bathroom and make sure to use it within a week.

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