Sharing Korean self-care secrets for a stronger
and healthier body.

Just as the saying, “Knowledge is power." Learning about your body is the best form of self-care. We're here to unfold self-care solutions inspired by our Korean wellness culture and ancestral superfood. We will work hard to create powerful rituals for you because we take your self-care journey seriously.

Meet Our Founders

Co-founders Mina & Grace

“Everything we do for our well-being goes back to culture.”

Creating Riley House Seoul was about connecting our Korean heritage to beauty and wellness. We both grew up in a Korean family, and the wellness rituals we learned from our family were accomplished in such a natural yet effective way.

Growing up, we would go to a public bathhouse on a weekly basis and get soaked in mugwort-infused baths(the superfood herb that has been loved by Koreans for centuries), learn acupressure points when we feel sick(a natural method for pain relief), brew herbal tea for special occasions, and always intake traditional adaptogens to boost energy. All the lessons became our lifestyle that we still practice to this day.

“Integrating Korean ancestral superfood into modern wellness practices.”

We believe in the superpowers of superfoods because it holds generational wisdom for healthy living. Our products are made with traditional Korean superfood that have been used to heal and nourish our ancestors for centuries.

Our Values

Wellness Without Boundaries

There are no limits to wellness. We support all types of self-care practices and help you find what feels good.

Korean Ancestral Superfood

We cherish the secrets of our Korean originality that contributed to modern self-care practices.

High-Performance Formula

Trusty formulation and clean solutions powered by South Korea’s technology and the product development team based in Seoul, Korea.