How Mugwort Yoni Steaming can affect weight loss and stress relief

How Mugwort Yoni Steaming can affect weight loss and stress relief

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  • How yoni steaming works
  • General benefits of yoni steam
  • How yoni steaming specifically relates to weight loss and stress relief

Based on Eastern medicine theology, one of the main reasons for obesity and excessive stress in the body is “coldness”. The colder the internal body, the slower the blood circulation which prevents cells from getting oxygen and nutritions as much as they need.

There are many methods to warm up the body but today, we’ll introduce you to an ancient natural remedy from Korea, “yoni steaming”. Hopefully by reading this article, you’ll learn how yoni steaming works, the general benefits of vaginal steaming, how it can affect losing excessive body fat and relieving stress, and how to make your own yoni steaming station at home.

What is yoni steaming?

Yoni steaming is a conservative treatment widely used in Eastern culture. Here in Seoul, where Riley House is located, you can find a number of yoni steaming spas and also yoni steaming stations inside public bathhouses! Also, the treatment is known to heal hemorrhoids afterbirth, so they even have it in postpartum centers in Korea which we’ll cover in another article.


yoni steaming seat
riley house founder
(Riley House founders enjoying yoni steaming at a Korean cafe)

Yoni steaming is literally steaming your yoni. It’s like getting a steam shower. How simple is that! To make things easier, people will use a yoni steaming seat so they can easily sit on top of the steam rather than having to squat down in a very uncomfortable position. Since the treatment uses the hot steam to reach the outer parts of the vagina, it’s important to keep the air from spreading away so a long gown or a sundress will help. Recommended to take the treatment for 20~30 minutes.

What kind of herbs are used in yoni steaming?

In Korea, the only herb we use is mugwort. Mugwort has warming properties, which means it can help the body to stay warm. Mugwort also helps suppress the synthesis of prostaglandin, a physiologically active substance known to be one of the causes of menstrual cramps.

How can yoni steaming help with weight loss?

Our body consumes food and does physical activities using energy generated through the digestive process. When energy is generated, the body temperature rises, and when energy is depleted, the body temperature decreases. When it gets too hot or too cold, the brain sends signals to the body to get it back to a healthy temperature. If the body is cold, it can gain more weight because it minimizes energy dissipation, converts nutrients in the body into fat, and stores them in the subcutaneous layer to keep the body warm.

One study conducted in Korea, was to prove how mugwort yoni steaming can reduce body fat and abdominal fat. 18 pre-menopausal women aged 40 to 59 and 18 postmenopausal women were surveyed. Overall, there has been a drastic decrease in body fat until the 4th treatment, and then it maintained until the 16th treatment. Abdominal fat also dropped until the 4th time and remained quite similar until the end of the experiment. Therefore, mugwort yoni steaming can help reduce excessive body fat by activating internal energy and blood flow which can affect burning stored fat.

How to use Riley House Mugwort Soak as a Yoni Steaming Soak?

We use 100% natural mugwort and seal it in a tea bag. First we completely dry the mugwort for more than 3 years. Herbs used as medicine must go through a thorough drying process to kill whatever toxins it may have. Next we pound the leaves with a mortar and pestle and steam the pounded leaves to make it extra soft. We repeat this process until the leaves become extra fine and soft like cotton wools.
mugwort vaginal steaming

Normally people directly soak herbs in hot water but this can make the cleaning process a bit tricky. Since our soak is nicely sealed, you can easily steam the herbs like tea and then after drying the soak, simply cut the bag and dispose thoroughly. You can use the wet mugwort as a natural fertilizer if you wish!

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