Here's everything you need to know about Riley House Female Wellness Mugwort Bath Soak

Get your body covered with our Female Wellness Mugwort Bath Soak, a giant herbal tea bag designed for a therapeutic aroma bath for your entire body. Our Mugwort Bath Soak is a one-size-fits-all for improving total body wellness. In Korea, you can easily find a mugwort-infused bath in the public bathhouses because of this reason. Not familiar with why this product can help with total body care? Here we're answering all your questions about this lovely product!

What are the ingredients in the Mugwort Bath Soak?

Our Mugwort Bath is made with 100% natural mugwort which is in a dried powder form, meticulously sealed in a tea bag - but almost 10x bigger than the ones you drop it in your cup! Mugwort is one of the most common herbs that can be found everywhere in Korea and it's been with Korean culture since its foundation (nearly 5,000 years ago!). Let's dive deeper into this incredible herb, shall we?

  • Helps stimulate blood flow throughout the body and warm up the lower abdomen, which is where the uterus is located. 
  • Relaxes sore muscles and relieves tension throughout the body especially around the uterus helps ease cramps in the lower abdomen.

What other key features does Mugwort have besides helping menstrual discomfort?

  • Mugwort is called the "Korean Tea-Tree" because thanks to abundant Vitamin E, it has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties that suit sensitive and dry skin. 

Are the ingredients natural and chemical-free? 

We only use 100% natural mugwort and the formula is clean and free of paraben, preservatives, artificial fragrance, and chemicals.  

What does Mugwort Bath Soak smell like?

Mugwort has a very rich and aromatic scent. It smells like sage with an addition of a mint so it has a refreshing and relaxing smell to boost the sensory bath experience. 

What's the pro tip for creating the best mugwort bath experience?

There are 2 different ways to create a mugwort bath. 

  • Brewing the bath soak
  1. Brew the Mugwort Bath Soak in hot water for 5 minutes
  2. While brewing it in a pot, start filling your tub with hot water. (Ideal temperature is 100~104ºF)
  3. Pour the brewed water into the tub. The water will turn into a deep amber color. 
  4. Enjoy your bath for up to 20 minutes. 
  • Dropping the bath soak directly in the tub
  1. Drop the soak when you start filling the tub with hot water. 
  2. After the soak gets completed wet, squeeze it with your hands multiple times to release more goodness. 
  3. Ideal if the water turns into a deep amber color. 
  4. Enjoy your bath for up to 20 minutes. 

What is the shelf like of Mugwort Bath Soak? 

The product is double-packed for hygienic reasons and due to the strongly sealed packaging, the shelf life is up to 1 year after opening. 

How should I store the Bath Soak?

Dried herbal bath soaks should always be stored away in hydrating areas like the bathroom and away from direct natural sunlight. 

Can I reuse the Mugwort Bath Soak?

There's up to 20-25g of dried mugwort powder in each tea bag so you may reuse it up to 2 times. Hang the used pouch in a dry area and make sure to reuse it within a week to achieve the same level of aromatherapy as the first experience. 

  • Another recycle pro tip from the Riley House team: When you used up all the mugwort tea bags, cut the socket in half and pour the wet mugwort on your plants. It acts as a natural fertilizer to help your plants grow!

Does the Mugwort Bath Soak leave any stains?

Think of it like this. What happens if you don't wash your cup after drinking herbal tea? It slightly leaves stains inside the cup but it easily washes off. The same applies to our Mugwort Bath Soak. Any herb can be a coloring agent so make sure you clean up your tub right away. 

Can people with sensitive skin use Mugwort Bath Soak? 

Yes, because we did not add any irritants, colors, or artificial fragrances. However, please contact a physician if you are allergic to certain herbs prior to trying the Mugwort Bath. 

Is Mugwort Bath Soak safe for kids?

Many Korean parents give their kids mugwort baths from a young age because of their anti-inflammatory properties. Kids will also love the herbal bath experience! 

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